Friday, December 24, 2010

Randoms thoughts

The first time i heard the word 'Juncture', i laughed at the person for speaking bad English,smh!

I think it's kinda weird that my grandma, mum and I are the same blood group and genotype. I know we're family and bla bla bla but I've asked around and it doesn't seem common... so yeah, weird.

No matter how/ where you were born and raised, God has blessed us ALL with consciences so there's absolutely no excuse for evil. I say this cos of ritualists, the genocide, Jos crisis and what have you. There is no excuse for evil, no matter what.

You know the way some cute babies end up... well... not so cute and not-so-cute babies end up really pretty? I sometimes wonder if Obj was a REALLY cute baby.
1Naira ko? Why lie? #NowSinging weda na 1Million, weda na 1Billion, baby you got me... baby you got me :-)

Niran ( lani )  is one of reasons i gave my life to Christ. I know I've never told you but seeing someone i 'know' blog publicly about his love for and relationship with God did wonders to my soul. I know God only used you but I'm grateful He did and it's one of the reasons I started blogging too, in faith that someone, somewhere out there will be blessed and find Christ. Merry Christmas :-*

Beht it doesn't werk fer me when people talk like this o!

I've asked this twice on twitter and i ask again "Was Leonard Da Vinci alive when Jesus and His disciples had the last supper?" Why do we keep letting bombaclats play with our minds? Why are we quick to believe contradictions?

There's this cute black reporter on CNN with brown eyes and pink lips *cough* I don't even know his name but let's just say I'm in crush #OkBye!

Where is Jamelia? Where is Dido?? And where on earth is Babyface???

Tracy Chapman in Mountains of things sang "I'll be working for somebody else until I'm in my grave". And I agree cos even self employed people are not exactly the bosses of themselves. They work FOR their customers by  providing their needs and the customers in turn pay their salaries, one purchased item at a time. I think!

In acceptance to one of her awards at the AMAs, Carrie Underwood said something like "God has been really good to me and I'll spend the rest of my life wondering why!". Well, I say "God has been really good to me and I'll spend the rest of my life praising Him!"

Merry Christmas guys, have a wonderful new year, be a blessing and have loads of fun