Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting People

Justice - when you get what you deserve
Mercy - when you don't get what you deserve
Grace - when you get what you don't deserve (positively)

Fran - 60 yrs old. My former housemate (yes, i lived with a 60yr old for 6 months, now close your mouth and read), the one who gave me meds for free and called someone to stay with me at the hospital in Cysts, Stones and Gypsies , the one who prayed for me everyday and reminded me to ask myself how anything i'm thinking of doing will bring God glory, the one who revived my love of wanting to be a beacon of light for Jesus everyday, the one who got married on saturday!

Gbemi - everybody's big aunty on twitter, the one who has opened her home in Houston to me without ever asking my story(i was there again this weekend, remember THIS post?) , the one whose family is now my family, the one who shines so bright and loves so hard it makes your cheeks hurt from smiling in wonderment, the one who nearly killed me with craw fish!
Look how cute they are, my blackness is a prayer point:(

Craw fish with potatoes and corn on the cob
I promise it's the pepper and
not our love for food that
has us looking so serious.
Chiki - My precious, cousin, sister and best friend. The one who has heard all my miserable tales and kept them, the one who will never throw a pity party for me, the one who listens and never judges, the one who cracks up hard at my horribly dry jokes, the one who loves like she's never been hurt, the one whom i dedicate Emeli Sande's My Kind of Love video to (cos i'll get in trouble in a heartbeat for her lol), the one whose birthday was on the 29th of August.


People are awesome! God uses people to bless us and remind us that He'll always be here for us. People are the ones who physically hold us when we're done praying and need shoulders to cry on. When you've gotten understanding, please get people because they are the ones you will call at 2am when life gives you a flying kick. God graces us with people and i say grace because after all the times we've failed Him and people, we really don't deserve to have people.
May the Grace of God always be with you and may the size of your sin never limit your understanding of it but open your heart to appreciating it. I love you guys very much, Happy Labour Day and have a blessed week
Houston was awesome as usual, i didn't eat suya due to a series of unfortunate events but was able to stuck up on my naija supplies and the craw fish experience will keep me going for a while:D Fran's wedding was in Cypress (40mins out of Houston) so i used to opportunity to go get loved on by Gbemi. I also met Nugwa (@nugwatweets) and KitKat, see all that gragra she forms on her blog ehn, remember "wotchugondoabourrit"? Notin! She is super sweet and i had good laughs spending the day with them.