Friday, January 7, 2011


I had an accident a couple of years ago. Well, not an accident in the serious sense of the word but i kicked a block of cement, took a nose dive and fell flat on my face. I literally fell ON my face and ended up breaking a tooth, tearing my lower lip and shifting my jaw from it's normal position!

Words are not enough to express the horror, pain and shame I felt that day especially because there were so many people there. We were on pilgrimage in Jerusalem and I can't remember what we stopped to see but it started raining and everyone was running back to the bus when I decided to land flat on the floor. I wonder what happened to using arms for support when you're about to fall *sigh*

Anyway, since the fall, it's been a series of dental problems which ultimately led to my dependence on Sensodyne (toothpaste). I have never told anyone this but I hate buying Sensodyne, I don't understand why I'll spend 600bucks on a tube that will last 3weeks max while others get to buy regular toothpaste for 200bucks and it lasts them over 2 months. I have never told my mum but somehow, she just knows and ALWAYS sends me the toothpaste.
No matter who or what my mum is sending down to me, she always includes a tube of Sensodyne and it always gets me teary eyed because I have never asked her to. This 'little' act of love reminds me so much of God.
We never pray for air, sight, speech, ability to feel
and the seemingly small/regular things
but God gives them to us anyway
because He just knows we need them

God knows that we all have bad teeth and is willing, able and ready to send us Sensodyne. Most times, He'll send it without our ever asking for it and we might even forget to say 'Thank You' but sometimes, sometimes a little prayer will make Him include toothbrush in the package for us.

*Happy New Year guys, there's nothing we ask God for that He won't give us. He Is Jehovah Jireh and I am a living testimony of His generosity. Just 'ask and it shall be given unto you.