Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black bird

When 2 become more lonely than 1
When cowards with plans collide, lips first
Whipping and slashing one another down
With tongues that have forgotten how to love

You! Sly like a slithering snake
Smooth, pulling on my heart strings
Smiling like death
Ready to kiss it's victim
Armed with words, beauty and charm

But I see you!
You are so low on the ground that
You have never understood what it means to soar

I see you!
This heart, it is mine
These papers, they are mine
These sheets, they belong to me
And you? I don't want you

I see beneath your schemes
You may have had me for a minute
But these wings were made for flying

And so I rise
Strong like an eagle
Soaring, reaching for dreams that will come true
Praying for the grace to forgive
And praying, that God lifts your eyes to His skies
Where help truly comes from.