I plan on documenting my travels here, it will be slow and painful, but it will happen, and I will deserve ice cream!

However, it also took 30 minutes and a brain ache to figure out how to create this tab. So far, I can only edit this page and I don't know how to set it up so I can legit publish posts here sooo... yeah... it's going to be a long minute.

3 months later
I think I will just create a new page for each trip until I figure this out *10mins and 10 tabs later - I've been to too many places (20 countries and counting, and a few US states), it looks cluttered
Or I can just add each trip to my regular blog posts and move on with life
Or I can have a travel blog and link it to this page, but I really don't want to manage a 2nd blog. Nothing is that serious!

This madness will be continued another day, you're welcome.

If you know how to work this, help!