Saturday, March 12, 2016

Gridlocked Scars

While no one is interested in people who haven't lived and died a couple of times, what has savage solitude done for anyone besides creating broke poets?

Dear heart, who told you you could feel so much?
Catch feelings when you haven't caught the drift?
I can't think over the sound of you breaking
It's the crackling of broken promises, buttered truths, and misappropriated trust
It's the mosaic of open wounds and broken mirrors
That look how you feel
And you feel too much
Give too much
Go on whirlwinds of emotions through every end of the spectrum

Calm the hell down!
Take a break
Catch a breath
Be still
Your wounds will soon turn to scars
And scars exist because healing occurred
So look forward to the scars
Love them
Let them be the the road map to self-love and contentment
Let them teach you that you don't need to scratch every itch
Some feelings need to be left unattended
So you don't bleed into things mistaken for love
Let the people who already love you take care of you

New friends are good
But you need to flat iron your hair to hang out with them
Old friends are better
They love that your skin is a riot and laugh at your stupid jokes
Your best friend is the best
You don't need to be special for her
She just loves you
Let the people who already love you care for you
There are too many sad and lonely people in the world
And what has savage solitude done for anyone,
Besides creating a gridlock of scars?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Who's laughing now?

The hardest thing about breaking up is not the break up itself, but everything that happens after a break up. It is seeing something incredibly funny, that's part of a running inside joke, that you immediately want to share with that person, but can't. You can share it with other people, but it takes too much explaining and takes away from the fun. So in a split second, you go from being teary-eyed because you're laughing hard, to being teary-eyed because you're stuck with a screenshot and a stupid joke you can't share.