Monday, May 21, 2012

Cysts, Stones and Gypsies

It all started like a joke!
On Wednesday (9th of May), I got home from work sick! I had a banging head ache, was freezing and couldn't stop sneezing for the life of me. I simply went straight to bed because i knew that when my flatmate (who is a nurse) got home from work shortly before midnight, her phone convo would wake me up, i would go meet her and she would get off the phone to take care of me. Which was exactly what happened, she prayed for me and handed me 7 obese pills!

Peanut butter toast, what was left of my hot chocolate and the bad guys

On Sunday (13th of May), my flatmate had family over for dinner and we grilled hamburgers, talked, laughed and just had a good time together. 30minutes after dinner, i realised i was down with severe heartburn. I've had heartburns before so i know for sure what they are like but this was so much worse, the pain wouldn't go away and i couldn't swallow anything (even saliva) without feeling like i had just shoved a rock down my throat. Again, my roommate was there to love on me, pray for me and hand me more pills, the irony!

On Monday (14th of May), I got to work feeling miserable. My throat hurt and i was coughing and sneezing. Later on, one of my colleagues looked at me, smiled and went 'It's the baby room, you finally caught something huh? Welcome!'. I got 2 extra hours at work but they were in the Baby Room and apparently, you're not a teacher till you've caught something from the kids so it made me feel a little better because i knew that once my immune system got over the whole thing i would be stronger and more resistant to little viruses.

Thursday - May 17, 2012
I felt great, everything was fine. I had alot of fun at work, was healthy, happy and grateful to God for good health and Shonda Rhimes.
Playing dress up/ goofing off/ being hot messes!

Friday - May 18, 2012
I woke up with a sore throat, husky voice, banging head ache, coughs and sneezes. It hurt to talk but i had to say almost everything twice because no one could hear me... Long day!

Saturday - May 19, 2012
I woke up at about 2.30am with a sharp pain on my lower right. I got up to go pee and quickly realized that i couldn't stand up straight or walk right. Tears streamed down, the pain wouldn't go away. I said silent prayers. I said loud prayers. I begged God to take it away. I hurt like i had never hurt before and was sure i would die if i did nothing. So i dressed up, told my flatmate's in-law i was going to the hospital and headed out. My flatmate was gone to San Antonio for the weekend and her in-law had 2 little boys so i didn't even bother asking her to take me considering the waking up, car seats and all that wahala.

Anyway, as i drove out i almost regretted not begging her to take me because hitting the gas with my right foot made the pain alot worse but i carried my cross silently as tears streamed down my face and tried to watch where i was going. My flatmate called me about 5minutes after i had left the house because her in-law had called and told her, she prayed for me and said she was going to tell one of our friends to meet me at the hospital but i told her not to bother because i didn't want anyone driving out in the dark for something that might be nothing. That was me forming Miss Independent by the way, lol. Obviously and thankfully, she paid me no mind because 2minutes later another friend (who is also a nurse and had just gotten off the mid-night shift an hour earlier) called me to say she would meet me at the ER.

*Sidenote: the hospital branch 5 minutes from my home turned out to be a clinic without 24hr service so i had to drive 20minutes to Tyler in pain.

I got to the hospital at about 3:20am and to my surprise there was a line, some silently but obviously in pain and very sick while others loud and offensive. I didn't get a bed till about 5am by which time most of the pain was gone but when i was asked for a urine sample and saw blood stream out of me like a running tap, i lost all control and broke down again.

Too silly to take anything serious :p

Beth! :)

I didn't just cry, i wailed. #sissy
After all the tests and poking in every imaginable place, even the unnecessary ones - the nurse couldn't get an IV line in on the first try so she kept poking and shoving the bloody needly into my arm till she finally got it right- the doctor narrowed it down to kidney stones and ovarian cysts, stock me up on prescription painkillers and referred me to a Doctor to see on monday for more tests.

Sunday, 20th May
I woke up with pink eye.

Monday, 21st May
I went to get registered at the hospital and set an appointment with the doctor but one of the nurses was gracious enough to tell me that i didn't have anything to worry about because if it was a kidney stone then the pain was normal and the bleeding meant it was very close to passing out. If it was an ovarian cyst then the bleeding and pain meant it had dissolved on it's own and finally, the pink eye wasn't pink eye but just sinus blockage that would go away with so and so medication.

It's still monday and it's about a quarter past 10pm. I still hurt a little and my eye is still a little swollen and a little red but i am happy and grateful to God for good health and friends who have become family (chief ref to my iBlend fam, Shanpepe, Felicia, Doosh, Hassan and Gbemi). I refuse to believe that this just happened and i was just lucky but see it as a blessing and a miracle from God. I have people here but it's not the same as being home with your mum and cousins and aunties and uncles to fuss over you AND pay your bills (i am still saying silent prayers as i wait for my bill by the way) so i am grateful that by His grace, the worse is over and when the doctor finally sees me, there will be nothing to diagnose.

I was gonna talk about being tagged a gypsy because of my constant moving (3times within the last 8 months and i'll be moving again in August) but this has gotten ridiculously long so i'll just save the gist for another post.

Please keep my health in your prayers and always remember that God loves you.
Stay blessed :*

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Death died

Death came
I was walking The Walk, happy, graceful
Death stared
It looked familiar but felt different
Death changed
It was slow this time, sly and fierce
Death struck
I stopped singing praises
Death struck
I stopped tweeting praises
Death struck
I started dying slowly, lost my way, wasn't living in sin per se just wasn't living in the Lord
Death struck
I couldn't pray,  I still read my bible day and night but couldn't spend 5 straight minutes in prayer
Death slipped
Every single time that i read the Bible, there was a Word for me
Death fell
I learnt to download, play, sing along and dance to gospel songs
Death shrieked
I felt the presence of God, His grace, mercy and love wash over me
Death gasped
I fell and rose, fall and rise, am falling and rising, falling but rising
Death died
I was lost but praise be to God, I am found.