Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sling and 5 Stones

There are jobs we don't bother applying for because we are nobodys and our CVs aren't good enough.
There are schools that we don't even think about when sending out applications because our grades are just above average and we don't have 'godfathers' to write recommendation letters for us.
There are prayers we don't say because we feel it's an impossible situation and there's nothing even God can do about it.


David was a boy and when the Israelites went out to battle the Phillistines, he was left to feed his father's sheep
David was a boy and when his brothers were at camp during battle, he was sent to give them food.
David was a boy but when Goliath defied the armies of Israel, the man in him refused to be intimidated!

Goliath was a warrior.
Goliath was a giant and he had so much armor that he needed a shield bearer to go before him.
But Goliath defied the armies of the living God!

David thought something his brothers and the rest of Israel did not think 'If Goliath was such a warrior and that big, why did he need all of that armor to battle a normal sized man one on one?'
David had weapons his brothers and the rest of Israel did not have, a sling and 5 stones. His sling was leather made from sheep skin which means blood had been shed and something had died for him to get that weapon so there was no way it would be useless. He picked out 5 stones because 5 represents grace.
David knew something no one on that field knew, if God be for us, who can be against us? He said to Goliath "You come to me with a sword,  with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied" and guess what? He conquered Goliath- by the blood of the 'lamb' and by the words of his testimony!

If rich kids and dignitaries are so high-up and untouchable, why do they need to bribe and pull strings to get into good schools, good jobs, contracts, visas, favours and all that?
Christ died for us that we may not just have salvation but that we may have life (even on earth) and have it in abundance.
Christ died and left each of us with a sling to fight -and win- our battles but we also need our 5 stones of grace to study the Word, know It, obey It, preach It AND use It hand in hand with the sling. The sling and the stones work together to give us victory.

If you know who and Whose you are, there is nothing on earth that will intimidate you, there is no Goliath (situation) that will ridicule you and make you feel like a nobody. Send out that application, speak up against that injustice, say that prayer and let God surprise you.

* 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

This post was inspired by Pastor Iyke's sermon "Victory With a Sling" and you can read about David and Goliath in 1Samuel 17

Monday, January 17, 2011

TISB Award

I got TISB ( The Irresistibly Sweet Blog ) award, o my God! Less than 2months here and someone thought of this blog for an award... this means so much to me and the best part is I got it from lani. He is a good ol' friend and I have alot of respect for him. He would be on the list of people i'm giving the award back to if he wasn't the one who gave it to me. About that, apparently, when you receive TISB award you name 5 guilty pleasures then pass the award over to 3 people :(
  I'm not proud of my guilty pleasures but I guess that's why they are called 'guilty' pleasures and I particularly find 2 of them embarassing so please 'judge not, that you may not be judged'... It's in the Bible o, ehen!

1. FOOD: I looove foooooood!!! Shet! From a simple plate of indomie noodles, through a finger licking plate of brabisko and yakuwa with a drop of mai shanu to a sexy plate of basmati rice with sweet and sour soup, my skinny frame cannot have enough of good food. The Lord really loves me because if my weight was proportional to my eating habits then I'm pretty sure I'll be able to give Yoko Zuna a run for his money.

2. MUSIC: Take my music away and you might as well shoot me in the heart! I've been yelled at at work for always having my earpiece stuck in my ears and one of the things that attracted me to 'my' Church was the music. Family Worship Choir is the best in the world! Yes, I said it! Those guys got me singing - out loud- and dancing in Church to the glory of God so it is my believe that they can move a mountain. I love music, all genres of music and I don't know how I would survive without my music gadgets.

3. CATCHING EXPENSIVE 'TRIPS': I know expensive things don't always come with quality but I love to spend ALOT of money on just one item or an experience. As soon as I get my paycheck, I always run to an expensive restaurant (with or without a friend) to fulfill this guilty pleasure and number 1 above *covers face in shame*. I am also one of those idiots that buy really expensive underwear, original cds (this is a waste of money where I'm from) and can pay for hours at the spa.

4. READING: I read everything! minus pornography, romance and newspapers that is *covers face in shame again*. From biographies to fiction, comedy to horror, religious to whatever, if it's in a book, on a piece of paper, on  the internet, even on the wall, I will read it. Reading calms my soul and gives me the opportunity to travel the world and fight monsters while lying on my bed at 2am. It's always a wonderful experience :)

Last and definately not the least...
5. GREY'S ANATOMY: need I say more?

And now
*drum roll*
The recipients of The Irresistibly Sweet Blog award are

Untitled by Michael Perkins. Michael finds a way to relate every life experience from tomatoes in a burger to farts in an elevator to our relationship with God, and he is a great story teller. He also scribbles thought provoking notes on paper and uploads them. Simplicity at its best.

Confessions of a confused teenager  by Leggy. If it's on her mind, she blogs about it and I love that about her. It's not easy to say/blog what's on your mind all the time cos people read and people judge and fear of that determines alot of what we end up saying. So yeah, I love her blog for the sincerity.

La petite sirene by Ariel. Her's is more like a photoblog with pictures that are sure to put a smile on your face. Ariel loves without a care in the world and her blog is a breath of fresh air from all the 'seriousness' around here. I found her by clicking continuously on 'next blog' one lazy afternoon, can you imagine?

I need to break the rules and add 1 more
Light-a-lamp by Jaycee. I know she has received this award already but OMG! this woman writes for my soul. I'm not exaggerating. Every post speaks to me. She puts up a link on twitter and I just know there's a lesson waiting for me to learn.

Ok, that's it. This is probably my longest post so far and I hope someone is still reading. Have a lovely week guys :-*

Friday, January 7, 2011


I had an accident a couple of years ago. Well, not an accident in the serious sense of the word but i kicked a block of cement, took a nose dive and fell flat on my face. I literally fell ON my face and ended up breaking a tooth, tearing my lower lip and shifting my jaw from it's normal position!

Words are not enough to express the horror, pain and shame I felt that day especially because there were so many people there. We were on pilgrimage in Jerusalem and I can't remember what we stopped to see but it started raining and everyone was running back to the bus when I decided to land flat on the floor. I wonder what happened to using arms for support when you're about to fall *sigh*

Anyway, since the fall, it's been a series of dental problems which ultimately led to my dependence on Sensodyne (toothpaste). I have never told anyone this but I hate buying Sensodyne, I don't understand why I'll spend 600bucks on a tube that will last 3weeks max while others get to buy regular toothpaste for 200bucks and it lasts them over 2 months. I have never told my mum but somehow, she just knows and ALWAYS sends me the toothpaste.
No matter who or what my mum is sending down to me, she always includes a tube of Sensodyne and it always gets me teary eyed because I have never asked her to. This 'little' act of love reminds me so much of God.
We never pray for air, sight, speech, ability to feel
and the seemingly small/regular things
but God gives them to us anyway
because He just knows we need them

God knows that we all have bad teeth and is willing, able and ready to send us Sensodyne. Most times, He'll send it without our ever asking for it and we might even forget to say 'Thank You' but sometimes, sometimes a little prayer will make Him include toothbrush in the package for us.

*Happy New Year guys, there's nothing we ask God for that He won't give us. He Is Jehovah Jireh and I am a living testimony of His generosity. Just 'ask and it shall be given unto you.