Saturday, September 28, 2013


I was recently told I was too creative, that I wasn’t Christ centered enough
"The peeps we're trying to reach wouldn’t understand your speech"
I told them it was cool...  thanks for your advice
I’m just not afraid of heights
Like Christ wasn’t afraid to mix spit with mud as if he couldn’t fix vision with one word
I’m sorry, I get my creativity from my Father
Have you ever been to the aquarium?
Google the coral reef...
Thanks for your advice, I just lost my fear

I'm not afraid of a blank canvas, I'm not afraid to be the canvas
I've been marred in the Potter's hands and God doesn't use erasers
Off on purpose

But what keeps you up at night?
Are you afraid of mid-terms, curfews, budget meetings or board of directors?
I just lost my fear of gravity
Since His majesty came and grabbed me, I've often wondered
How loud does an alarm clock need to be to wake a dead man?

Humbly embrace lessons
Just like you shouldn’t be afraid of city permits and submit to the process
'Cause there is not one city permit that can stop what Elohim permits

I’m so comfortable with sovereignty
So done wasting words, so tired of lying to my Father in the mirror
See, that's where I get my courage from
My spine isn't naturally stainless steel
I guess this statement shook me because honestly, I’m terrified
Terrified of wasting time

But I'm not afraid of their faces
Hearts of men waxed cold, out-your-mind sold
It's the guts to say no then nosedive
Follow commandments that don't make sense
God says learn to walk worthy
And if you really understood the cross you would see that command was such a paradox

I think I understand now
Between heresies and pharisees
Between schemes to get rich and work to attain wealth
This is why I graciously smile
Because truthfully, they are scared

Scared like most of us are
That we're about to waste another weekend
Spend a couple hundred bucks to do the same thing we've been doing
You're scared like I am
 That the best you've ever been and ever will be is so so

You're scared
That you're born eagles walking among chickens
As if these agitated shoulder blades never sprouted wings

I was recently told I was too creative and that shook me to the core
'Cause I have no excuse for fear
I should be roller skating around Saturn, looking down at satellites
And f you mustered up the bravery you would get this one day

See, I fooled you
This isn't a poem
This right here is a runway
Why aren't you flying?

Why aren't you flying?
Too Creative - Propaganda

This is one of my favorite spoken word poems, it took me forever to type it and then decide on how to edit it so I really hope you guys liked it. I love spoken word poets and how they play with words to make even the most mundane things seem magical. I love it even more when they wax lyrical for Jesus. I've uploaded the video below, be inspired and stay blessed.

Too Creative - Propaganda (Link for mobile readers)
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