Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beauty from insanity

Empty roads, street lights, starless skies...

**Get into your car between 11pm and 4am, wind down the windows, drive slow, get Frou Frou, The Calling, James Morrison or whoever you're 'feeling' on the stereo and let everything you see become your muse.

Everyday we make decisions; some good, some bad. Some days we get almost everything right, other days we get it all wrong. But like the street lights in the rearview mirror, the moment has passed and the deed is done. So the best thing to do is look ahead through the windshield because we'll see more streetlights on an even bigger road.

Everyday, we make mistakes but the starless skies are like our tomorrows, the starless skies are like our fresh starts, the starless skies are like the new mercies of God every morning. If you get it right the second time, celebrate. If you don't get it right, still celebrate. The fact that you know you didn't get it right is the first step to getting it right.

A late night drive like reality may not always be happiness, inspiration and bright lights, once in a while, you'll have to park by the road, wind up (for security) and cry your heart out. But when you're done, wind those windows back down so the fresh air can blow away your hurt as you continue on your journey.

If you've never done this before i beg you to try it some night. Feel the magic. Experience the beauty. Stop for a moment and take it all in.

The road, street signs and streetlights may be man-made but they were inspired by God and a starless sky is one of the most refreshing things to gaze at. The beauty you see may look the same every night but it feels different every single night.

Thank God for sight, thank God for beauty and above all, thank God for a sound mind.

Yup, we can see this! Yup, she and the picture are beautiful. But no, Wandoo's mind isn't always sound! Lmho *snort*

God bless you