Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miss Elizabeth!

*I walk into the classroom feeling sexy with the braids i just made

Kid A: Miss Elizabeth, you look bald!
Kid B: No, she doesn't! She just needs a hair cut.
Kid C: *squinting* She looks like a Marine...
Kid D: Miss Elizabeth, you look just like my mum! She has that kind of dress and those kind of shoes and that kind of face
Me: Is this a good face?
Kid D: Yeah, it is. It's a great face!

Kid: Why do you have black all over?
Me: Errrm... 'cos i like the shirt and i wanted to go all black today.
Kid: No! I mean, why do you have black all over your skin?
Me: I was born that way baby, there are black people and there are white people
Kid: Oh... So we're all born white and some people turn black when they grow up?
Me: No, some people are born black and some people are born white. I was born black love
Kid: Hm... but if some some people are born black how come all the kids in this class are white?
Me: That's just 'cause there are no black kids in here, I promise you there are black babies. Every black person you see was born black
Kid: Oh... *Looks relieved for a second then sits back looking even more confused*

Normally, I'm with the 4s and 5s (pre-k) but I have been a substitute with the 3yr olds for a couple of weeks now and i've grown to absolutely love them too. They are not allowed to sit on their cots when they are piled up after nap time but i usually sit on the pile to watch them eat during snack time. One of the kids always rushes his meal so he can join me and I always let him. Anyway, i was coming back from the restroom one day and met his mum on the corridor, this is what happened...
Mum: *Laughing but looking embarassed* I'm so sorry Elizabeth but i have to tell you this
Me: It's ok, what's wrong?
Mum: Well, i walked into the classroom and saw my kid sitting on the cots but before i could say anything he went 'It's ok mum, my brown teacher said i can sit here'!
All I could do was drop my face in my palm and laugh my heart out. Who cares about political correctness? Innocence is bliss.

It's been a long day, the kids have been crazy and I'm just sitting, trying to rest while I watch them play in their centres. One of the kids leaves his centre, grabs a book and walks up to me
Kid: Miss Elizabeth, can you please read this book to me?
Me: *Frowning and looking at the centre where he's supposed to be but deciding to play nice* Errrrm... Ok
Kid: Can i sit in your lap?
Me: *Starting to panic 'cause this is one of my most difficult kids and he's not the fuzzy kind* Errrrm... sure baby
Kid: *Sitting and snuggling close* I love you Miss Elizabeth!

On my birthday with some of my darlyns :D

I love my kids! They drive me crazy sometimes and there have been days when I've been seconds short of grabbing my purse and quitting but there is something about children that no matter how difficult they get, you can't help but love them. Children are amazing, they are giving, loving, sincere and above all, forgiving and I can see why Jesus would say "Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me." Matthew 18:3-5

This has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life and there's nothing more precious than having a little child help build your faith in God.

How una dey?  I get all teary eyed when i get emails from you guys, i love you all so much and i am grateful for the opportunity to share stories and experiences with you. May God continue to bless and help you grow to be everything He made you to be.

My friend, Andy, is having a blogathon this month themed "Write like no one is reading". He is having anyone and everyone submit random posts and he uploads one everyday. I broke the rule a little by writing like everyone was reading, please check it out here-----> Cool Beans and you can holla at him through email or the comment box if you want to submit a post.

If you ever call me Eliza fowl will jam you :p :*
Stay blessed