Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Houston, home away from home

*razz post alert

How una dey? Hmmmm... that's how i decided to meet and spend a couple of days with Gbemisoke in Houston o, turns out i've been on a dulling p all this while. As soon as i got there, babe didn't even let me get into the house, she asked me to follow her to go get us ogi and akara for breakfast. I was like "Ehn? Ogi and akara ke?" I kukuma flew into the car with my kpakrikpa to see for myself.

The name of the store 'Onola Imports African Foods' didn't really trip me, these are what got me rolling with laughter and joy
No comment
Do you see the mortar? lmho!

There was "salad cream", ribena, cheese balls, custard and stuff you only find in naija.  You should have seen me running around, touching things and smiling like a bush girl. I was sooo happy. We were a little too late for the akara so we just went home and made breakfast but the fact that i was in a place where naija goodies were accessible kept me excited.

Next, we took the kids to IKEA for a radio disney abi na disney radio show, how we ended up eating licking chopping consuming frozen yogurt in the rain is a hilarious tale for another day.

On Sunday, we went to Redeemed for service. Aondo wam man terlem e! Chai! Women were in iro and buba, others had on onigogoro that were reaching for the skies and the ushers had on long skirts and those ridiculously wide hats you only see in (naija) churches. I was almost in tears mehn, i felt so at home and super excited. Like i said on twitter, Gbemi was the first Nigerian i had seen in 6 months and so was the number of black people at RCCG that day and i just couldn't stop smiling and staring.

Anyway, after service, an old friend took me out for naija lunch. I had one correct nkwobi like that ehn? Kai! To make matters better, he took us to an aboki's place for koda and kaza (kidney and chicken) to go and then dropped me off at Gbemi's. You should have seen her reaction what she saw the arrangee, lmho, all plans for dinner were cancelled. My guy woman commot ijebu garri and sugar sharp-sharp, it was the most hilarious thing
Forget the koda for a quick sec, do u see
the sewing machine? Ehen! It is not for
decoration, 'come an sow clot'
My baybeee... Biko, turn ya neck!
chop chop! See as she set mouth
My daughters' husbands *cough*
My latest stash from Gbemi :D

I had a blast mehn, the 4hr road-trip was totally worth it and though my arms still hurt, my heart is still smiling. Gbemi is an amazing woman of God and I absolutely love her (and her family). I have signed the papers and adopted myself into her family whether she likes it or yes cos this is one is a keeper. May the Lord bless and keep you babe, thank you so much for having me over

I had plans to move to Houston but i think i'll just make it my safe haven, a little home away from home where i can run to whenever i need to refresh my mind and soul. Did i mention we had pepperish fish pie, puff puff, fried yam with akara and plantain for breakfast the day i left? Dey there!

Dis naija chidren dat sombody whee born in yankee dat whee come an start teaching dia parents how to speak English ehn, hia!
My friend: ....... EnglAnd...
His son: It's not EnglAnd daddy, it's EnglEnd! Why do you say it like that?!
Me: *side eye*
Gbemi: Don't step into the wota!
Nathan: Woter? Woter? Wader rather!
Me: *side eye*

God bless you guys and have a great day everyone :*