Thursday, January 12, 2012


I want to not have to air the house whenever i cook with dry fish!

I want to be able to determine the consistency of my cereal! I didn't realise powdered milk was something to be grateful for talk more of taking it for granted. I miss (Nigerian) powdered milk and right now even Cowbell is a treasure in my heart.

I want my mum to call me and go "When are you coming to Makurdi? So you just want to sit in Abuja and not even come to see mama (my grandmum)?" and i want to give her the same silly reply i used to "Mummy stop quarelling and just tell me you miss me"

I want to go to a salon, have someone wash my hair, soak it with watery setting lotion, roll it in pink, yellow and blue rollers, tie my ears with foam then put me under a drier to set my hair. I want so badly to go to a salon and have them weave my hair and sew in weaves for about N2,500

I want to eat fire-wood flavoured jollof rice with fried meat or chicken that has no yeye flour on it

I want to go to Fam's house on Sunday after church, have lunch (probably with ketchup cos she made it her life's ambition to torture me with pepper), watch movies, sleep, get woken up by her to park inside, do that, go back to bed then wake up at 5am and drive home like a mad woman

I want America to care about something other than America... to report international news and to teach international geography (you won't belive how many times i've explained the difference between Nigeria and Africa to educated adults)

I want to fill up my tank with a little over N3,000 and i want to be able to complain on twitter that the gas price here is twice what it is/used to be in naija... I want the fuel subsidy issue to be resolved!

I just want to drink garri and

I want YOU to know that no matter what and through whatever God loves you. He loves you when you sin and even more when you run to Him for help. He loves you when you don't trust Him to take care of you and understands when you feel like your sins are too many to be forgiven. He loves you always because He is God and there is no sin too horrible, no situation too difficult and no pain too deep for Him to heal. God is love and He loves YOU!