Thursday, December 29, 2011

Much ado about plenty

Early this year, my pastor asked us to try something for a year and judge for ourselves what we thought about it. I wasn't particularly excited because it meant alot of work but i did it because it was something that i had been thinking about but wasn't sure how to go about it. She asked us to ditch daily devotionals and try studying the raw word of God for ourselves. She advised us to try the yearly bible plans at the back of most bibles and kill 2 birds with one stone by finishing the bible in a year and meditating on what God has to say to us directly instead of focusing on someone else's words. I turned to the back of my Bible and whispered "wahala dey" when i saw the morning and evening verses because i knew it wouldn't be easy. I love my quiet times with the Lord but studying the word at night was something i had never really practiced.

Anyway, by the second week of January i made up my mind to try it and it was on of the best decisions i made this year. I have been a christian all my life but there are stories i have never heard and things i probably wouldn't have known if i didn't dig for myself. Heck, i didn't even realise that Rahab and Naomi were in Jesus' family tree. Most importantly, God spoke to me EVERYDAY! With devotionals, if i was running late and had the time to read only one thing, i would always pick the devotional over the bible and go through the day with someone else's words as my soul food. But this year i had no option, it was either the Bible or the Bible and i couldn't jump any days or nights i missed because it was a straight study of Matthew to Reveletions in the mornings and Genesis to Malachi in the evenings and i didn't want to miss anything. It has been alot of work but it is fulfilling and enlightening,

The Bible says somewhere in the old testament that the word of God does not return to Him void so please, just pick up your Bible next year and let God minister to you. If there is something you don't understand even after prayer, take note of it and ask someone spiritually mature to help you. I am not against devotionals at all and if you find yourself not studying the word gabadaya because you're not motivated for whatever reason to pick up your bible then please, go back to your daily guide but give studying the word for yourself a try and see what the Lord will do.


Biko, don't make worshipping God a horrible experience for anybody. If you decide to go to church without taking a shower then please use some deodorant and teist a peist! And no matter what state you meet a restroom, if you decide to use it instead of running for your life then please realise that it is your responsibility to leave it looking clean. As children of God, people shouldn't walk into the restroom and see our business all over the place. Thank you very much. I'm very sorry if i sound like a bitter leaf christain but there is no way to sugar coat some things.

I love you guys very much and i thank you for the love and support you show after reading my posts. Your comments, emails, bbms and tweets mean the world to me and i'm grateful for the oppurtunity to be a vessel. May God bless you and your family as we cross into the new year, may He show you what His plan is for your life and may the things that matter to Him be the things that matter to you.

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