Thursday, July 11, 2013

The3six5NG... again

Remember this post I wrote for the 3six5ng in May? Well, I got invited to share my day again and I did. I hope you guys like it. Oh and if you still haven't written for them I really think you should, it's a great idea and it's enlightening to see how differently everyone puts fingers to keyboards in telling how their days went with a max of 365 words.

  July 11, 2013

My roommate comes in and drops his stuff on the floor but I pretend to still be asleep on the couch because I’m not in the mood to talk. He is a talker this one. When he goes into the kitchen, I quickly check and see that it’s a little past midnight so I know it’s time to get up and study.  After some exaggerated stretches and yawns, I head to my books while he tells me some weird story. I check the time after what seems like a little while and realize that we’ve been talking for over 2 hours, I still haven’t touched my books and I am sleepy again.

At 4:20am, my alarm goes off, so I get out of bed and go to his room to wake him up for suhoor. This takes an unbelievable 10minutes, till I get into his bed and literally kick him down with both feet. He sleeps like a... click me to read the rest of the story