Thursday, May 2, 2013


The3six5NG is a blog that puts up a post everyday by Nigerians all over the world. It doesn't matter if you're in Ogbomoso or Uzbekistan. If you are Nigerian, you are welcome to sign up for a day and send in your post. The guidelines are on the website, the end of this post will send you there ;) I sent in my entry for today and it was uploaded a few hours ago... Enjoy!

“Grow up” they say, “then you can do whatever you want”.
But no one tells you that when you grow up, life will slap you with 3 ton crosses that will force you to see beauty in the plain and ugly just to distract you from the crackling of your breaking back.
It has to be a great day. Thursdays, like Mondays, are the days when I drive 35 minutes to work (7am-3pm) then an hour to school (4-6:40) and get home at 7pm to dog pile on my books and dinner in front of the TV.
But I woke up late.
I got there 10 minutes late and though my boss said nothing, my pay check will.
One of my kids came up to me and went “Ms. Elizabeth, you know what’s bad? I saw a girl at Chili’s and she had no hair because she was smoking a lot. Smoking does ... click me to read the rest