Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Death died

Death came
I was walking The Walk, happy, graceful
Death stared
It looked familiar but felt different
Death changed
It was slow this time, sly and fierce
Death struck
I stopped singing praises
Death struck
I stopped tweeting praises
Death struck
I started dying slowly, lost my way, wasn't living in sin per se just wasn't living in the Lord
Death struck
I couldn't pray,  I still read my bible day and night but couldn't spend 5 straight minutes in prayer
Death slipped
Every single time that i read the Bible, there was a Word for me
Death fell
I learnt to download, play, sing along and dance to gospel songs
Death shrieked
I felt the presence of God, His grace, mercy and love wash over me
Death gasped
I fell and rose, fall and rise, am falling and rising, falling but rising
Death died
I was lost but praise be to God, I am found.