Monday, July 23, 2012

Wood and strings

Lent you Outsiders and my new Badu
While you were thinking I didn't have a clue
Tough to sort files with your voice in my head
So then I bribed you downstairs with a Malboro Red
And now I feel so small discovering you knew
How much more torture would you have put me through?
You probably saw me laughing at all your jokes
Or how I didn't mind when you stole all my smokes


Her name is Cherry, we've just met
But already she knows me better than you
She understands me, after 18 years
And you still don't see me like you ought to do

Maybe we could talk 'bout things
If you was made of wood and strings
While I love her every sound
I don't know how to tune you down

And you're so thick and my patience thin
So I got me a new best friend
With a pickup that puts you to shame
And Cherry is her name

And when I'm lonely, Cherry's there
And she plays along while I sing out my blues
I could be crying and you don't care
You won't call me back, you're stubborn as a mule

Maybe we could 'bout things
If you was made of wood and strings
You might think I 've gone too far
I'm talking 'bout my new guitar

Bwahahahahaha!!! Get your stinky little minds out the gutter :p This is just one of my favourite songs by Amy Winehouse. The first part is from the song You Sent me flying while the second part is titled Cherry and it's a skit after the first one on her Frank album.
I loved Amy Winehouse! I never agreed with the way she lived but i loved her music and it is sad that for me she is one of those rare talents that will never be replaced in the music industry. She died a year ago today on July the 23rd, 2011.

Life is hard, life is really, really hard and the truth is that we have all made bad choices and will still make bad choices even when we know better. I also know that tough love works but tough love is not cruel and sometimes, all it takes is a smile and a kind gesture to change someone's perception of the world. Be kind to people, even when there's no reason to be, especially when it hurts!

In the words of Kimya Dawson, if you wanna burn yourself, remember that I love you; send me an IM, I'll be your friend.

God bless you.

Here's a listen to both songs, Cherry starts at 5:18 after You Sent Me Flying. It starts a little slow and melodramatic but warms up beautifully and i love how she keeps you guessing about what exactly she's on about... Enjoy!

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