Monday, February 13, 2012

My precious!

'One man in a thousand will stick closer than a brother and it is worthwile seeking him half your days if you find him before the other'

Chiki, my darlyn, my blood!
This cousin has stuck closer than the proverbial friend who sticks closer than a brother. I love you babe, thank you for listening, caring and always being there for me. I pray for you everyday and cherish every moment we spend together, doing the right things and (almost) getting into trouble. You are my cousin, my sister and cho boki u shima shima. Happy Valentine's day in advance love, may the love and fear of the Lord forever grow in your heart and may you find love, peace and contentment as you follow Him.

Town Hall Meeting!
Una weldone o... After all the querries i've recieved it's obvious that the footnote about the comments wasn't good enough so here's the reason why i disabled comments on this blog. 

 I am not a very good person! I am self-righteous, proud and sometimes put so much focus on the little things that i forget about the bigger picture. I get mad at people who don't drop comments on my blog after i've dropped atleast 3 on their's.
When people comment on how much they loved a post or how much it moved them, i carry it on my head and run with it to Kilimanjaro when even i know that i'm not a good writer and the only reason people are getting blessed is because i am inspired by the Word through personal experiences.
With the comment box on, I find myself hoping every email notification on my phone is from blogger. It is distracting, immature and stupid!

I am not spiritually strong enough to handle comments and that's why i took them down. I will visit your blogs, keep supporting, encouraging and showing you love and only pray that you keep getting blessed as you read from me.

I also pray you stay strong enough to keep the communication and fellowships alive in your comment boxes, I just need a long minute to get my act right. Again, my email address is and twitter handle is @doshiX, holla whenever you need to talk, pray or just gist. You are my precious and i'll be there for you

Jest keeding, jeeest keeding...

Seriously though, hola if you need anything. God bless you guys so much, thank you for the love and support you've shown over the past year. I value, appreciate our relationships and love you guys with all my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day