Sunday, July 15, 2018

Black Bird 4

*needs work, a lot of work haha*

Sometimes, we mourn a love we never had
A love we could have had
But chose not to settle for
Yet, we mourn the loss of it
Because… hope!
Hope is such a dangerous thing
It leaves you wanting, needing
Reeking of something so strong they can smell it miles away
And who wants that?
Hope is such a fickle thing
It leaves you confused, deranged
Wondering why you have faith in something that proves over and over again it’s only here to hurt you
What is wrong with you?
Hope is such an inspiring thing
It makes you learn, invest
Growing into the kind of person you would be proud to be with
What’s wrong with that?
Hope is such a beautiful thing
It is curious, yet grounded
Knowing that contentment comes from self-love and companionship is just dessert, albeit delightful
There’s nothing wrong with that.