Monday, January 18, 2016


There is poetry in the way some people look at you you are the only star in the sky
And you don't need to shine any brighter to be enough
Because you are enough
Strange as you are
Exactly as you are

It's the nerve to dive into feelings that don't make sense
Make room for reservations that fill you with faith
Become a living paradox but balance the equation
Laughter, tears
Simplicity, complexity
Beat poetry, slam poetry
Not-so-good poetry
Love for the things that make your ears flutter
And your eyes water
Love for the things that make your heart want to give till it hurts
And then give some more
Love for the things that make you smile
With tea-stained teeth and olive-filled cheeks
Love for the things that are only perfect in their imperfections
Beautiful in their ugliness
Long reaching in their short comings 

Some people smell like love
Without even trying
These people
Treasure them
These people
They are enough
Strange as they are
Exactly as they are