Friday, December 19, 2014


I've been staring at the ocean
Holding onto a life jacket
Waiting for you to come up for air

Even as I hold you
I'm letting you go
Because I feel you shedding me
Like skin

We can't make homes out of human beings
So if you want to leave

I know that I am terrifying and strange
Something not everyone knows how to love

I have not stopped loving you
But I have stopped waiting for you

Be brave enough to love me
Be brave enough to let me love you

Maybe I'm tired of hurting you
Maybe I'm tired of breaking your heart too
But riddle me this
What do you tell your heart
When it asks after me?
I mashed-up these (rephrased) quotes from some of my favorite poems a couple of months ago because, well, shit happened. Credits to Warsan Shire, N.L.Shompole, Alice Walker, Noor Shirazie