Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twenty Six

26 years
26 stories
Life is is better than i dreamed of 26 hours ago
26 blessings
26 opportunities
Life is not what i thought it was 26 days ago
26 cousins
26 hugs
Phone conversations mean more than they did 26 months ago
26 finds me
26 loves me
God blessed me with a whole new world 26 years ago
I am not where i want to be
But i am not where i used to be
And i am grateful to God
For His continuous presence
 Inspired by Twenty four - Switchfoot
Me: Guess how old i'm going to be on Sunday?
Kid A: 14?
Me: No, silly. 26! :D
Kid B: *pointing and laughing* You're ooolllldddd...
Kid A: You know, when you're close to a hundred it means you're going to die soon!
You can find my Amazon wishlist here , you're welcome. And no, it's never too late to get me a present ;)
My girls!

Chocolate molten cake from Chili's to me :D

No comment.
 I appreciate the love and support i've gotten from everyone of you, i will have to do a thank you post and shame you all with gratitude pretty soon. Stay blessed!