Thursday, May 19, 2011

Then, Will I Believe

Featured on the blog today is Chad Missildine, a blogger I met on twitter. He's a Pastor -with a sense of humour- and also a good writer. I read this post on his blog ( The Way It Could Be ) yesterday and it moved my heart so I thought to share it with you guys... Enjoy!

So I’ve spent some time lately with people who aren’t Christians. To be honest, it has been refreshing. At the same time it has crushed me to the point of tears.

                     Here is a letter to all Christians called, “Then, Will I Believe.”
Love me, don’t convert me. Then love me some more. Then, will I believe.
Don’t show me how much you know. It doesn’t impress me. Show me how much you care. Again and again. Then, will I believe.
Don’t teach me how I should think, show me your beliefs by your actions. Keep showing me. Then, will I believe.
Judge me half as much and tolerate me twice that. See if you can break through the tough skin the world has caused me to have. Underneath is the real me, but you’ll probably never notice.
Why would I spend an hour at your church when you won’t spend a minute with me?
You are too busy with your religious activities to even stop and see me hurt. Too rushed to even see the oppressed. This is why I don’t believe.
Just because I look different than you doesn’t mean I am less in God’s eyes. I’m really not that much different.
You probably get more joy in pointing people to yourself and your good deeds than you do pointing people to the real God. Point beyond yourself to something bigger, someone greater. Then, will I believe.
Live it. Breathe it. Own it. Then, only then, will I believe. Who knows, I may even change the world.