Monday, April 11, 2022



I was baptized in a Lutheran Church

Went to a Baptist church as a child because my mom made me

Went to Catholic Church as a teenager because she hated it 

(I was so Catholic I became the President of Young Catholic Students Association)

Went to a non-denominational church in my early 20s

And by my mid-20s, I was so religious I had been on multiple short-term missionary trips and trained for a year to do long-term missions

However, somewhere on that path

I realized there was too much I didn’t agree with and became non-religious

I am 35 now and most people in my life assume I am still a Christian

I never correct them

You always have to explain the most to the people who matter the least.


Islam and I hold hands and drink tea often

Our meeting was traumatic

We’ve made peace with it

We started seeing one another before I turned 5 and it has remained a constant presence in my life

I’m aware this makes some people a tad uncomfortable

I honestly don’t care

I’ve been through more than anyone ever should 

And if Islam is one of the few gifts I got from that then I am okay with it 

It is not a thing that needs to be explained 

It is not a thing that is good or bad

It is a thing that just is.


When it comes to religion

The people who love me the most

(On both sides of the religious spectrum)

Nod and look the other way

It’s a love language 

An acceptance 

That my being alive is reason enough

Reason enough

To leave me alone

They know I always eventually tell…

When I’m ready.