Monday, January 18, 2021

5 truths and a lie


  1. I was kidnapped by my aunt and treated like a maid while I raised her children who have turned out to be the siblings I didn’t have growing up. I still take care of them. She is currently my favorite aunt.
  2. I was raped by the first boy I thought I was having sex with. I thought so because he was my boyfriend at the time. My cousin would later go on to date his sister. Our families are still close.
  3. I watched my mother beat a child and threaten to prick her with a needle if she tried to block the beating. I yelled at her to stop and told her to be ashamed of herself. She stopped, and proceeded not to talk to me for 2 months. My favorite (at the time) aunt’s arguing point for reconciliation was that my mother loves me and she never forgave my other aunt for kidnapping me and the only reason she didn’t come to get me or stop me from returning when I would come on holidays was because my grandmother told her that addressing the issue would break the family.
  4. On her deathbed, my favorite aunt confessed that she tried to use voodoo to trade my life for her’s.
  5. When I told my best friend our aunt had kidnapped me when I was younger and that I didn’t live with her by choice she said “are you sure?” and we never talked about it again.
  6. The first reason I didn’t kill myself when my father asked for a dna test, kicked me out and rendered me homeless in a city where I knew no one is because I wasn’t sure what would happen to my corpse. The second is because I posted a “slightly” suicidal song lyric and a follower dmed me “Hey, are you okay?” I lied to her... but she saved my life.